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The Best Cure is Prevention

Education equals prevention when it comes to scams overseas. The videos below are the very best on the subject of scams and how the “Mail Order Bride” industry works.

These presentations can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of heartache!

I just received a quick review from one of the watchdogs of the international dating industry, David Brenner, and I wanted to share his comments regarding Dream Connections.

I don’t know David personally or have spoken with him yet, but his insights are important and show distinguishing traits that can be very educational for you:

I did a quick scan of your site and found no agency women. For those of you, who do not know the “lingo”. If you go to all the big scam sites that dominate the industry, you will start to see the same women. We call these women agency girls. They go from site to site to make money off of men who chat and write letters at each respective site.

I have to say I recommend Dream Connections as a dating agency. I will do more investigation and post information on my blogs and social networking pages. Understand gentlemen, I have not completed my analysis of Dream Connections. I am making a recommendation and simply stating the following;

  1. 1. The women are not agency girls. They do not appear to “professionals” coached or trained to drain money from you by getting you to write letters or chat.

  2. 2. Realistic ages, professions, etc. The pictures are professionally shot, but the women appear to be “real” in that they are not djs, party girls, ballerinas, etc. The types you know we do not have a chance in a hell at. These women are real Ukrainian women. I have met real Ukrainian women before. They are beautiful, caring, and down to earth.

  3. 3. Testimonials are more realistic than some crap from other sites. But I hope you guys make sure we can talk to some of the men who have used your services. That would be the clincher.

  4. 4. The real deal. We are actually having these conversations here. Other sites I’ve challenged no longer try to defend their unethical, immoral, and borderline illegal practices any longer on Youtube. They closed their videos to all conversation and no longer respond to any inquiries. Well, that’s because they are criminals.

David – thank you for taking the time to post some thoughts. I hope we’ll have a chance to talk more in the future.

Interview with Rick Butts on His Investigation

Below is an interview I conducted with Rick Butts, who did his own investigative research into the working of the Ukrainian agencies while living there for three months.

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