A Special Message

Do You Have a Friend Considering This?

- Do you have a friend or family member who is thinking about going overseas in search of a life-partner? You must be wondering how any rational person could be seriously considering such a quest. This is the presentation you want to watch.

In this presentation you’ll learn:

  1. 1. Real story of how my wife and I met and made it happen
  2. 2. Explore the various opinions on the topic from the media
  3. 3. Talk about why men and women would consider this
  4. 4. Learn how it can work from those who succeeded in the real world

I met Anna in 2006 in her hometown of Nikolaev, Ukraine at a singles event. Although we have enjoyed the most incredible relationship together, we became fully aware of how many people had only heard negative stories, or old wives’ tales, and had a hard time taking our relationship seriously. They were just unaware of what the successfully married couples had done that made all the difference in the world.

Perhaps you know someone who is thinking about going overseas to be part of a hosted singles tour to Ukraine and the thought of it only brings fear and concern to your heart. I totally understand. My mother’s first responses was, “I just don’t want to see you get hurt”. But, on my wedding day, my parents pulled me aside to say, “Son, you’ve really found an amazing woman to be your wife. She’s going to be really good for you.”

We hope you enjoy this presentation and that it helps you have a build a bridge of understanding with your friend or family member.

Kindest Regards,
Mark & Anna Davis