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Member ID: 3801156 Religion: russianorthodox
Age: 45 Drinks: no
Birthday: 1976-07-22 Smokes: no
Weight: 0 Profession: Hairdresser
Height: 169 Marital Status: divorced
Hair Color: brown Has Children: yes
Eye Color: grey-blue Wants Children: no

About Me

Though it seems a little contradictory but in spite of my fast rhythm of life and activities, I am calm by nature…I like silence…I like to devote the time for dreaming and making plans for future..)) But surely I am not only dreamer, I like to act..) I prefer bitter truth, than sweet lie…That’s why you can always expect only truth from me… But I also want to get the same from others. I like to devote myself to my loves ones, to my sons…I am a woman, who is always near, who appreciates coziness and warmth at home..

Hobbies & Interests

I am a very active and creative person…And it touches not only my preferences in sport activities, but also other spheres of my life..)) if talking about sport, I prefer fitness and aqua aerobics.. Training with music brings me a great pleasure. And after I have not only a good physical condition, but also an excellent mood. The other my passions are photography and design. I like creating something beautiful and unusual…and it is double pleasant when you realize that this beauty is made by yourself..)) I enjoy making design of interiors and landscapes, gardening, photography, fitness, aqua aerobics.

What I'm Looking For In a Man

It is important for me to meet a man, who can become a tower of strength for me, who will value my love, my loyalty, the warmth and care, that I am always ready to give him..) It is difficult to describe the specific features, that I would want to see in my future beloved. I guess, when you love person, you love him, just that he is so..)) You feel happy just that this person is in your life…Do you agree with me? And I believe that I can become happy, with a man, who will love and take care of me...) oh…and surely who has a great sense of humor…Well, these are my expectations, and what are yours?

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