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Member ID: 3801147 Religion: russianorthodox
Age: 38 Drinks: socially
Birthday: 1983-03-02 Smokes: no
Weight: 0 Profession: Accountant
Height: 168 Marital Status: divorced
Hair Color: brown Has Children: yes
Eye Color: brown Wants Children: yes

About Me

I am very active and energetic but well-balanced. I\'m open, communicative. I adore animals and kids. People around me see me as a romantic girl with a good sense of humor. I am tender with those I love, organized and punctual. I am a person to rely on. I hate lies and dishonesty. I appear soft, but I am hard to influence. I respect my opponents. I really listen to what others are saying. I dislike argument and other conflicts, and I will try everything to avoid a fight.

Hobbies & Interests

Traveling, nature, reading, design, personal development. I am an avid reader of foreign literature. Reading helps me to go along the life path. It is like traveling I love. I am active and I like skiing, bicycle riding, and hiking. Active lifestyle helps me to be in a good health and shape. I\'m a member of the dance ensemble and sometimes even perform professionally. :-)) I am not against a noisy party sometimes. I love making parties for those I love!!! I always try to see the funny side of the thing because I am an optimist. I am fond of dances, athletics, skiing, bicycle riding, hiking.

What I'm Looking For In a Man

I am eager to have a family and strong close relationship with a man. My man is trustworthy, caring and honorable. He is creative, clever and resourceful. He can achieve a great deal and really reach the top. He knows how to keep himself and his family entertained. If not I will be eager to help:-)) I expect my husband to be reliable and mature. I want him to provide security and be very attentive and caring. I want him to love me and my son. He is generous to those in his pack, namely friends and family. My hero is tender and kind, loving and responsive. He is giving more than taking. He analyzes the situation before jumping into it. Nothing is a challenge for him. I am looking for a person who is constant and faithful in relationships. He likes beautiful surroundings and adores traveling.

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