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Member ID: 380615 Religion: russianorthodox
Age: 44 Drinks: no
Birthday: 1976-04-06 Smokes: no
Weight: 0 Profession: office-manager
Height: 163 Marital Status: divorced
Hair Color: blonde Has Children: no
Eye Color: blue Wants Children: maybe

About Me

I am a dedicated, industrious, kind, responsive woman. I am sure it is never too late to learn something new so I am open to new experience and new knowledge.. I do not consider myself a center of universe and that is why it is interesting for me to communicate with other people, to listen to them, to ask for advice or help if I can't do this or that myself... Curiosity is also a feature of my character and I agree with words of Socrates: "I know one thing: that I know nothing". These words open door for new experience and new events in my life;) I am also attentive, patient and conflict-free;)))

Hobbies & Interests

I like nature, dancing and any kind of active rest. In summer there is nothing better for me than a ride on a bicycle with my sons or playing football with them;) But sometimes I like staying alone and having a drive along the streets of my town, especially when it is dark already and all lights are on;))) Of course, as any other person, I like reading and listening to music. I will never be bored at home as I adore sewing and taking care of my home flowers and aquarium fish.

What I'm Looking For In a Man

From my point of view a real man is brave, generous, honest and clever;) Of course, I am looking for that real man;))) If he is patient and kind with kids – he will be my superhero;) I do not like laziness so my Mr. Right is also industrious and determined...But I do not want to tire you with list of good qualities - we are adults and we both know what is good and what is bad... I understand there is no perfect person in the world so if you have a wish to write me do not hesitate to do this;) Attraction and love do not follow rules or conceptions...

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