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Member ID: 380630 Religion: russianorthodox
Age: 50 Drinks: socially
Birthday: 1969-05-21 Smokes: no
Weight: 0 Profession: Teacher
Height: 168 Marital Status: divorced
Hair Color: black Has Children: no
Eye Color: blue Wants Children: maybe

About Me

I'm an active and energetic person- this is well reflected by my hobbies. Besides I am described as kind and sympathizing, willing to help the others. I have responsive heart and I am involved in charity for children. After my daughter's birth I have changed my attitude to all children. So I try my best to help those ones, who needs my help. At times I'm a sentimental woman, so I can get emotional watching some movies. I am communicative and reliable. I have some very good friends, and at times we enjoy together visiting museums, galleries etc.

Hobbies & Interests

I like making comfort at home! I enjoy creating some decorations for the house. I like to knit different clothes for my daughter, friends and relatives. I can give even some advises to them about clothing and hairstyling- I am good at all kinds of design and creative activities ;). I also like to plant different flowers and take care of them. I enjoy collecting some new or unique sorts of plants. But most of all I'm keen on traveling. I like to go to different cities and countries and visiting some historical places there.

What I'm Looking For In a Man

I want to find not only a husband, but the biggest love of all my life. Could it be you?:) I hope to find a kind, easy-going person, who could open his heart to me. I'd like to meet handsome and generous man who loves children. I want my husband to be a friend to my daughter. I search for someone, who will never betray me or lie to me. I can't stand rudeness, meanness and injustice. I hope our relationship will be based on respect and love. I appreciate responsibility and sense of humor in a man. I search for active and energetic person, who also likes travelling. I'm ready to accept both his advantages and drawbacks, because I know that there are no perfect people in the world.

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