Dream Connections’ 7 Core Beliefs

Dream Connections was founded on the belief that multi-national marriages are richly rewarding and can provide a lifetime of joy and satisfaction. Statistically, we have less than 20% divorce rates and higher survey scores for happy relationships. However, the process for meeting and marrying between countries takes planning and and action steps that have not been clearly defined or supported in the past.

We believe that good men and women from different countries deserved a better system for connecting. We believe that those who are looking for life partners overseas need a better support structure to help them succeed. Therefore, it is our ambition to create natural and fun ways for people to connect – face to face – and support them through marriage – and remain friends for life.

Int’l online dating sites are fraught with fraud, tours are too simplistic, and there is no long-term help for couples once they meet. Therefore, we believe the following things must be said about International Dating for those looking for their match overseas:

1. It’s a Journey

We believe that it is realistically going to take about a year for you to prepare, travel, complete the fiancé visa process and marry an amazing woman from overseas. That’s why we view everything we do with the goal of creating more successful international marriages, not just sell vacation packages. We are committed to being a part of more than just the “go meet her” trip – but to your successful marriage and life together.

2. More Education = More Success

We believe that the more you learn about how to find what you want; the greater your chances of finding it. Traveling to other countries to meet beautiful, eligible, local women, dressed to the nines, will blow your mind, and being prepared for this moment makes a huge difference. We also believe that the process men take to study and research their options and choices allows them to select better mates than those who simply rely on bumping in to people in daily life as their strategy for finding a life partner.

3. The Old Systems are Inefficient

We believe that most romance tour companies are outdated in their methods and unsophisticated in their thinking about the consequences of what they sell. Relying on the (obvious) power of the beauty of these women and their fabulous attitudes toward relationships as their marketing ploy. But most tour companies provide the bare minimum of a plane ticket from JFK, hotel room, and a 4 hour cocktail party with name tags – the rest is up to you – and that their job pretty much ends there. We believe that the industry has been long overdue to find a new paradigm for international matchmaking.

4. The Women Deserve Respect

We believe the time has come to recognize the needs of the ladies in this experience, and tailor the events for their romantic notions. Much of our training, coaching and interactive community are designed to help you become the man of her dreams, and your marriage a happy success worthy of her life, too. Filtering out men who do not have long-term relationship motives is another way we show respect for the women who come hoping to meet marriage-minded men.

5. Romance is a Face-to-Face Experience

We believe the journey has just begun when you meet her. Your romance and the courtship with an international woman is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Communicating through letter-writing before meeting someone in person has led to fraud, scam, millions of wasted dollars, and countless thousands of frustrated men. The only reason for letter-writing before meeting is to set up face to face dates; which was necessary in the old system. We believe that your best chances for successfully meeting a potential life partner is by having dates arranged for you by people who personally know the women you want to meet. Your need for wise counsel and community support is invaluable, but so is having a personal matchmaker connect you with sincere women.

6. Community is Essential to Success

We believe that we are a unique tribe; a community with a common interest. We support each other in an open forum for honest dialog. Each man is on his own journey, but each benefits from connecting with others who understand him and speak his language. We gain from each other’s experiences, questions, and contributions. We value the help we receive as much as the opportunities we may offer encouragement or answers to another. As a first in the industry, we actually encourage past clients, current clients, and the curious to freely interact as they wish. Dream Connections takes this very seriously and additionally commits to defending our cause and tribe from misrepresentation in the media whenever possible.

7. We Pay-it-Forward by Sharing the Good News

We believe that there are millions of frustrated men in the majority of the Western Nations who are exhausted by their local dating scenes. They live with rejection and belittlement by the women and society at large who try to blame men for every ill on the planet. We have benefited from our discovery of places in this world where we are not only appreciated, but genuinely treasured for who we are. It would be cruel and selfish not to share this good news with our fellow men.

We believe that our cause is more than men taking the same vacation trip – this journey, and our individual quests, are noble and liberating.